Our Work

The Michigan Voices for Better Health (MVBH) Coalition is comprised of consumers, advocates and providers in the selected demonstration regions. Its primary focus is to share information about the implementation of the MI Health Link demonstration and to create a forum for stakeholders to identify and pursue advocacy issues.

This coalition will be hosting conference calls, in-person meetings and discussion forums that allow the many different audiences working on this implementation to connect. The goal of this coalition is to provide information and create a two way communication avenue. We want to present and receive information.


What is MI Health Link?

Michigan’s new MI Health Link program serves people who are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare in the Upper Peninsula, Macomb or Wayne Counties, or eight counties in Southwest Michigan. This program provides and help coordinate health care, mental health care and long-term supports and services for people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

How Will MI Health Link affect you?    

  • If you had Medicaid and Medicare in one of the participating counties in January of 2015, you were probably enrolled in this new health care program;
  • If you decided not to participate in this new health care program last year, you can enroll again AT ANY TIME if you want to try it.
  • If you do not live in one of the participating counties or are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, you cannot sign up for Integrated Care and this program will not affect you
  • If you are enrolled in an Integrated Care plan when the new program starts, you can choose doctors and other health care providers who are part of the network the health plan has created.  Your doctor or other health care provider may or may not be part of the Integrated Care network for your plan.  If your current providers are not part of your Integrated Care Plan’s network, you can ask them to contact your health insurance company to join the network.  If they do not want to participate, you will have to switch to providers who do participate in your health plan’s network.

Duals image option 10

How does MI Health Link work?

Integrated Care combines Medicare and Medicaid rules, funding, and benefits into a single program.  The goals of Integrated Care are to make access to health care easier and to allow consumers to get help coordinating their care.  All beneficiaries who participate in Integrated Care will have a care coordinator to help make sure they get the health care they need and want when they need it.  Integrated Care is also likely to help more people get help at home instead of in a nursing home. Services also included dental, vision, durable medical equipment ect.

What does MI Health Link cover? 

  •   Acute care (a hospital stay)
  •   Primary care (a visit to the doctor’s office)
  •   Mental health care
  •   Long Term Care (help in your home or in a long term facility)
  •   Services including, dental, vision, durable medical equipment, ect.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are many ways for people to make a difference in MI Health Link.  Click here to find out how you can get involved.


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