Meds and Falls

Woman using device to assure balance while getting into bathtub

Using Devices to Prevent Falls

A man with several chronic conditions had a history of not taking his prescribed medications.  He was originally qualified him for 78 hours a month of in-home assistance. The assistance was increased to 86 hours after he experienced a fall.

The Care Coordinator at the Upper Peninsula Health Plan discovered the member did not have a reliable method of getting to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions.  Occasionally he was able to pay someone $25 to take him. The member was informed of the transportation assistance available to him through the health plan.  In addition, he received on-going information from his care coordinator on how to manage his chronic illnesses, treatments, and the importance of this management.

It was also discovered there was duplication in his medication therapy and it was immediately corrected. The member now utilizes transportation assistance regularly. After each doctor visit he contacts his care coordinator to assure her he is taking his medications properly. He is successfully managing his condition now and it has stabilized.