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Michigan Voices for Better Health (MVBH) is a project to help consumers have a strong voice in shaping a new state health care program.  This program will provide and help coordinate health care, mental health care and long term supports and services for people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Young Adults with Disabilities

Michigan’s new MI Health Link program will serve older people and people with disabilities or chronic illnesses beginning in the fall of 2014.  Most consumers who are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare within the participating counties will be enrolled in the new program.  Consumers who do not want to participate will be able to opt out of Integrated Care.

Your story has power, your experience matters, and there are lots of ways for you to get involved in shaping the state’s new  MI Health Link project!  If you live in Wayne County; Macomb County; eight Counties in Southwest Michigan (Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Van Buren Counties); and all of the Upper Peninsula, you can:

  • Tell – and let us share — your story.  What problems have you faced in getting the healthcare you need?  Has a health care or service provider done something to make your health care work for you? If you are interested or know of someone who would be, please contact us at
  • Let us help you find the best way for you to make a difference in your own health care and the state’s new healthcare program!

JOIN US!  We are hosting a program in Warren to explain MI Health Link and its benefits.



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