Latest on GOP Health Care Bill


Tom Price-Director of HHS

A copy of the proposed GOP replacement has been leaked, though it isn’t clear whether this is a final draft or not (it’s dated February 10). Health Affairs has a detailed overview of the contents and it could be introduced as early as this evening (March 6). The parts that strike me as most important are:

  • Medicaid would be shifted to a per-capita cap
  • Medicaid expansion would be eliminated
  • A trillion dollars in tax revenue over the next decade would be eliminated
  • Risk pools would be created and SEVERELY underfunded.
  • Continuous coverage would be required or premiums would jump for 6-12 months. This is much more punishment than the income tax penalty in the ACA

Next week, I’ll post an overview of the problems with risk pools, since they affect those who have the highest medical bills.



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