Depression Can Be a Threat to Health

Depressed older man in blue turtleneck and black sportscoat

Depressed Older Man

For about a year George, a middle-aged man with significant health issues since childhood, exhibited signs of depression. Prior to being involved in MHL health plan’s care coordination, this member did not participate or enjoy anything, would not go anywhere other than to doctor appointments.
The care coordinator spoke with the member’s mother last week. The conversation lasted almost an hour and a half. The mother repeatedly offered thanks and appreciation for the difference the care coordination team has made in her son’s life.
Since the care coordinator’s referral to a behavioral health services team, the member slowly became an active participant in his own care. The member responds to his psychiatrist when asked how he is feeling and how he is doing. As a result of the member’s progress, his physician has been able to reduce his medication by half.
Now the member directly receives his own appointment reminder card and is excited to go. He now will actually go out to catch and bus to see a movie. He is thriving, engaged in his own health care, and enjoys life. He has a purpose and much respect for the care coordination staff.


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